Fueled by a passion for all things antique, owner Steve Dearing founded his Kansas City based company in 1992. Drawn irresistibly to the rich colors, tones and textures of Old World European interiors, Steve is inspired by the art, architecture and furniture style found woven into the many layers of rich, cultural history so evident in homes throughout Europe. 

We also love the sophisticated contemporary styles that have become so popular today.

My youngest son, Brandon, has become a partner and together we find it extremely rewarding to work with homeowners and design professionals as they develop their unique vision for their project.
— Steve ––




Handcrafted Beams

 Beamed ceilings are one of the most powerful design statements you can make in any room. About twenty-five years ago, we began to produce wooden hollow-box beams to resemble old timbers that were used to frame up all of the old structures for centuries; the barns, buildings and wonderful homes we’ve all so admired in books and magazines.


Hand-Forged Iron

Forged iron speaks volumes.

In an age of throwaway

replacement consumerism,

it says permanence.

Red hot steel in the hands of an artisan

blacksmith says beauty of form. 

In the home, it speaks of an ownership

committed to a passion for excellence in all things.



 Bench-Built Furnishings

Woodbrooke, L.C. has operated for many years as a custom woodworking shop. We will continue in this tradition. We would love to work with you in producing that unique "one-of-a-kind" piece for that special purpose and place in your home or office.